Bag of Baby Goats Tote
Bag of Baby Goats Tote Bag of Baby Goats Tote Bag of Baby Goats Tote
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Bag of Baby Goats Tote


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    Every season, Farmer John delivers dozens and dozens and DOZENS of baby goats. And every season, we deliver a new goat tote, to celebrate. Over 100 kids were born this spring. And we were expected to look at 99+ of those teeny, furry faces and tell them they didn't have what it takes to make the bag this year? Nope. We couldn't do it. We're all about inclusion and diversity here at Beekman 1802. And that's why this year we're debuting our Bag of Baby Goats Tote - featuring a copious amount of goat kids sharing the spotlight on this mirror-image bag. Generously sized, and well-constructed right here in America.

    Color: natural canvas & black ink.


    Each tote is 21.5" W x 16" H, gusset on bottom is 6" x 16"


    Ships out within 1-2 business days