Heirloom Baby Blanket
Heirloom Baby Blanket Heirloom Baby Blanket Heirloom Baby Blanket Heirloom Baby Blanket
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Heirloom Baby Blanket


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    • Joanna Beekman, wife of William Beekman, bore eight children in her life. As the wife of a prominent judge and mercantilist, we imagine that she had the best handwoven baby linens available. Like hers, our Baby Blanket is hand-woven made on a loom with natural cotton by an award-winning weaver, and is meant to last for generations.

      The pattern we've chosen is called "infinite hearts" as it resembles intertwined hearts down the the length of the blanket and comes in colors inspired by historical dyeing techniques - Hollyhock (pink,) Natural ( Ivory) & Pale Indigo (light blue.)

      Dimensions: approximately 40" x 40". Like all of our handwoven linens, our BEEKMAN 1802 BABY BATH BLANKETS are heirloom quality, and when cared for properly can last for generations. They are 100% natural cotton and may be washed by hand or by machine on the gentlest cycle.

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    • Approximately 40"x40"
    • Custom  made to order by artisan expect 1-2 weeks for delivery